Miguel Rosado Dialysis Center

The Dialysis Unit is a special care unit that takes care of in and out patients needing dialysis treatment for acute and chronic renal failure. It provides attentive and personalized service at all times. It is manned by specially trained and certified nurses, experienced and knowledgeable technicians and an Internal Medicine specialist to ensure confidence and comfort of all patients.


  1. Renal Replacement Therapy** Hemodialysis (HD) is a process where, “unclean” blood is passed through an artificial kidney called Dialyzer over a certain number of hours two to three times a week.** Peritoneal Dialysis (PD) is a form of treatment where the abdomen is used as a filtering device. During the procedure, the abdominal cavity is filled with a certain amount of a special kind of fluid (dialysate). The fluid bathes the abdominal cavity thus promoting the movement of unwanted substances from the blood. The fluid drained through a specially placed tube and subsequently replaced by a new batch. Note: HD takes precedence over PD, it is done only in emergency cases.
  2. Water Treatment Facility** Produces high quality and safe dialysate water that meets the water quality standards set by Association for the Advancement of Medical Instrumentation (AAMI)
  3. Ancillary diagnostic procedures, easy access to Pharmacy and Laboratory, and other specialized support services


  • Fresenius 2008K Hemodialysis Machines
  • Reclining chairs in the regular session and bed stations for the emergency/critical patients
  • Personal TV w/ cable services, a blanket and a pillow  for each stations
  • Wall-mounted oxygen and suction valve outlets
  • IV infusion pumps, cardiac monitors, and portable mechanical ventilators for critical patients

Scheduling a Hemodialysis Session

  • Visit us at Dialysis Unit, call us at 501-2237870 Ext. 142 or email us atdialysis@belizehealthcare.com
  • We facilitate requests for dialysis up to 5 pm, Emergency cases are on call basis
  • Any cancellation or requested change in schedule is done 24 hours before the intended session and is subjected for approval by the nurse in charge, as well as the availability of equipment

Hemodialysis Sessions       

Three patients can be accommodated in shifts.

      Start Time                             Start Time

      1st shift                                    2nd shift

      7:45 am-8:00am                  12:30-1pm

Contact Us

Miguel Rosado Dialysis Center

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Phone Number: 501-223-7870 Ext. 142

Email: dialysis@belizehealthcare.com