Our intention is to give you an electronic tour of one of the finest hospitals in Belize, Central America. You have come to the right place if you are looking for dependable healthcare services.

We hope our website convinces you that BHPL is the best place to be if you need medical care.

Opened in 2008, BHPL is the successor of a fine hospital – long known and recognized for outstanding service. Our facilities are like home and we are proud of the physicians and hospital staff who provide nothing less than excellent care for every person who enters our door. Our goal is always to exceed your expectations. We are located in a safe and quiet community and you can count on us for true Belizean hospitality – a characterizing mark of our hospital.


The mission of Belize Healthcare Partners Limited and its components is to provide cost-effective, superior quality, and patient-centered healthcare services and facilities. This mission shall be accomplished by:

1. Operating medical facilities which are consistent with current medical standards for the prevention, diagnosis, treatment, and rehabilitation of illness;

2. Anticipating and responding to new healthcare developments; and integrating services with those of other medical and social service organizations, so as to increase availability of such services in a cost effective manner.

3. Expanding access for underserved populations within Belize;

4. Creating a supportive team environment for patients, employees, and clinical staff;

5. Exhibiting stewardship and creativity in the management of all available resources;


Belize Healthcare Partners Limited, through best practices and innovation and a culture of caring and discovery, will provide for and measurably improve the healthcare needs of individuals in the communities we serve.

In partnership with our stakeholders, and in collaboration with other institutions and agencies that share our vision and goals, we will commit our resources to services that are ethically, socially and financially responsible. We will be an excellent and exemplary healthcare and wellness services provider in Belize.

Vision Trigger

Belize Healthcare Partners Limited takes its customers seriously and hence, we emphasize premium quality in all we do. Our company’s slogan represents our commitment to our customers in being at the helm of healthcare innovation and service:

Your Leader in Healthcare

All employees have the privilege to participate actively in making our vision a reality by exemplify this vision while executing roles and responsibilities.


The Belize Healthcare Partners Limited’s values support its mission with clearly established value statements. These statements represent guiding principles of the company which employees are to integrate into their day to day work:

· Safety.  Safety means ensuring well-being of any person or property under our care – doing all we can to ensure they endure no harm. Safety is the absolute highest priority at Belize Healthcare Partners Limited.

· Competence.  Competence means being highly skilled and expert at what we do.

· Courtesy.  Courtesy is the practical application of the golden rule which means treating others in the same upbeat, respectful, and professional manner we want to be treated.

· Efficiency.  Efficiency means making creative and responsible decisions regarding the hospital’s resources by offering relevant services, adequately pricing our services, and not wasting supplies.

· Integrity.  Integrity means upholding a high Code of Conduct and fulfilling our commitments at all times.