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Insurance Information

Belize Healthcare Partners Limited accepts a wide variety of international insurance plans. Our Admission and accounts personnel are committed to meeting the needs of our patients and their families before you arrive, and during your admission. Our staff will arrange admissions, and answer questions about billing, and insurance coverage.

However, it may become necessary for you to contact your insurance company directly or supply additional information to them for claims processing requirements or to expedite payment arrangements

Can I use my international insurance?

If you are uncertain about whether you can utilize your international insurance please contact us at or at 280-5000 . Our staff will be more than happy to answer any queries you may have. 

How will BHPL know what insurance I have?

When you arrive at BHPL please present an up-to-date health plan identification card.

What documents will I need to present?

You will need the following documents at the time of admission for inpatient services:

  • Personal ID (social security card, passport, driver’s license)
  • Insurance Identification card (health insurance)
Will you bill my primary and secondary insurance?

You will need to provide us with complete primary and secondary insurance information. As a courtesy to our patients, BHPL submits bills to your insurance company and will do everything possible to advance your claim.

Why did my insurance deny the claim?

There are several reasons why your insurance company may deny your claim. The Explanation of Benefit sent to you by your insurance company should explain in more detail why they denied either a portion of the claim or the entire claim. If you receive a denial from your insurance carrier and still have questions, you should contact them to better understand the reason for the denial.

If your claim is denied you will need to cover the costs out of pocket.

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