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Who We Are?

Opened in 2008, Belize Healthcare Partners is the best full-service private hospital in Belize.  We are very proud of our successful history, and we receive continuous positive patient feedback. 

Our leading team of specialist medical consultants are supported by a state-of-the-art Hospital and Operating Theatre, including a radiology department, laboratory, dialysis service unit, and pharmacy.  With our renowned medical staff, and our competent and friendly customer relations team, Belize Healthcare Partners will ensure you have rewarding visit.

We are located in a safe and quiet community in Belize City, and you can count on us for true Belizean hospitality whilst we focus on your well-being and recovery.

Please take a look at this website, to better understand the services we have available, and our team of well qualified and successful doctors and support personnel.

Our Mission

The mission of Belize Healthcare Partners Limited is to provide cost-effective, compassionate, superior quality services to improve the health and wellbeing of individuals, families and communities.

Our Vision

Belize Healthcare Partners Limited shall be the premier leading healthcare facility for Belize and region. Our staff, in partnership with stakeholders, and in collaboration with other institutions and agencies, will commit our resources to achieve this vision, in observance of high ethical, social, and environmental standards.

Our Values

The Belize Healthcare Partners Limited’s values support its mission with clearly established value statements. These statements represent guiding principles of the company which employees are to integrate into their day to day work:

Safety. Safety means ensuring well-being of any person or property under our care – doing all we can to ensure they endure no harm. Safety is the absolute highest priority at Belize Healthcare Partners Limited.

Competence. Competence means being highly skilled and expert at what we do.

Courtesy. Courtesy is the practical application of the golden rule which means treating others in the same upbeat, respectful, and professional manner we want to be treated.

Efficiency. Efficiency means making creative and responsible decisions regarding the hospital’s resources by offering relevant services, adequately pricing our services, and not wasting supplies.

Integrity. Integrity means upholding a high Code of Conduct and fulfilling our commitments at all times.



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Patient Beds

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Years of Experience

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