BHPL’s Radiology department under the direction of Dr. Morena Ramos and Dr. Barnabe Carrillo with a combine experience of over 35 years offers a full array of diagnostic services to meet the needs of a wide cross section of patients. Our imaging modalities include mammography, ultrasound, CT-Scan and general radiography. Our imaging services touch nearly every program at our hospital, improving our treatments and outcomes.

At BHPL we accept both walk in and appointments patients. However, for mammograms we prefer if appointments are made to prevent disappointments in receiving this important service. Our Radiologists are on site to provide expert analysis of your studies and same day results for your convenience and care.

We provide twenty four hour service and can provide quick turnaround even on an emergency basis. Our Radiographers and Radiologists are only fifteen minutes away after eight p.m. and are on site from eight a.m. to eight p.m.


CT-Scan – Brain ,Pan Abdominal ,Spine with and without contrast

Ultrasound – Tran vaginal, Doppler, Pan Abdominal ,Neck, Carotid Doppler and Breast

Xrays – Barium meal, Barium enema, I.V.P., Hysterosalpingogram, Urethrogram, Cholangiography, Sinus, Thoracic, and Chest X-rays.


Intervention Radiology

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